To become the core institution for quality retirement that members trust.


  1. To serve as a security for the payment of gratuity and pension for the government officials upon their termination of official services.

  2. To promote savings of the members.

  3. To provide welfare and other benefits to the members


  1. Forethought Members Focus with Pride and Care

  2. Reliable Long-term Value to Members

  3. Trustworthy Pension fund Organization

  4. High Competency – High Performance Organization

Under the ever changing economic and capital market environment together with the longevity trends of Thai society, it is a challenging task for GPF as the manager of this Defined Contribution style fund to provide adequate and sustainable benefits to members for their quality life after retirement. GPF consistently formulates four years strategic plans, reviews and improves its performance in order to attain the stated goals and strives to be a reliable & trustworthy organization to GPF members after their long years of services to the country.